There several benefits that come with having healthy teeth and gums. The most noticeable is a sparkling smile, which goes a long way in enhancing the overall facial appearance. With strong teeth, you can eat many different types of food, as you’re able to chew properly. You will stay away from toothaches and related discomforts.

having healthy teeth and gums

According to experts, unhealthy gums can cause other conditions in the body, such as increasing the risk of heart disease.

This means that keeping your mouth in good shape is not only good for the teeth; it’s also key for the health of your entire body. Here are some tips in safeguarding your dental health and that of your entire family:

1. Be keen on children:

Most parents spare no effort in ensuring the good health of their kids, but the teeth are sometimes forgotten.

Some may assume that they’re just milk teeth which will fall off anyway, so no great deal. In the real sense, even milk teeth deserve quality care. Dental care should begin immediately the first teeth appear. They can be wiped with a damp cloth on a daily basis. By the time the children reach 2 years, let them try brushing by themselves under your supervision.

try brushing by themselves

2. Proper brushing:

Most people brush their teeth when absent minded; just like another routine. It is advisable to brush teeth twice a day, but of even more importance is the brushing technique. Hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the tooth. Brush each tooth at a time cleaning all the sides.

Do not forget the tongue; it also harbors bacteria which can cause bad breath. Use a tongue scraper to eliminate accumulated plaque. Those with braces should consult an orthodontist specialist to recommend a special toothbrush. Get a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months.

3. Proper flossing:

The space between teeth often collects plaque. A toothbrush will not reach these narrow gaps effectively. As a result, about 90% of dental problems start from these areas. Hold floss firmly and slide it between your teeth. Hold it against one side of the tooth and slide it up and down, and repeat for the other side.

4. Limit sugar:

When sugar encounters bacteria in the mouth, it’s broken down into simple sugars which produce acid. The acids gradually erode tooth enamel, and they begin to decay. Sugary drinks are especially destructive as you are most likely to sip them, thus increasing acidity over a prolonged period of time. Carbonated drinks are even worse, as carbonation only elevates acidity. Avoid sticky candies as they last longer on teeth surfaces.

These are some of the most important pointers that will go a long way in helping you retain your dental health. Do not forget to visit an orthodontist specialist every 6 months or so, so that any complications can be detected early.

If you develop dental problems, you should see a specialist more often. At the end of the day, you will have a sparkling smile, fresh breath and overall good health; a worthy return for investing in quality dental health!

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