People sometimes ask, what do hemorrhoids feel like. Hemorrhoids are venous cushions every human has around the anus. We all normally have six hemorrhoids consist of three internal hemorrhoids (inside the anus) and external hemorrhoids (outside of the anal opening).

An accepted theory said that hemorrhoids help to keep stool from anus leak out. When the venous cushions are swelling, they will block the anal to open.

internal hemorrhoids

To know what do hemorrhoids feel like, there are some symptoms we can learn. If you feel itchy or a bit uncomfortable when you are sitting, maybe you have the hemorrhoids symptom. This can be cured by office procedures or medications.

It will avoid to get a surgical hemorrhoidectomy that needs more money. Having lumps and bleeding in your rectal area are not always the symptoms of this disease. However, if you get bleeding, discharge, prolapse, itchy, or a lump around your anal, you are better to see the colorectal surgeon or proctologist.

What Do Hemorrhoids Feel Like for Pregnant Women

proneto hemorrhoids

Most pregnant women know what do hemorrhoids feel like. It is because pregnant women common get hemorrhoids which produces more proneto hemorrhoids like what happen to varicose veins in legs and vulva. The growing uterus presses the inferior vena cava and the pelvic veins.

This process makes the blood return slower from the lower half of their body. As the result, the pressure on the veins below their uterus increase and causes swelling of them.

Aggravate hemorrhoids is also the cause of some other problems during pregnancy. The pregnant women often gets strain because of they have a hard bowel that causes hemorrhoids.

What Do Hemorrhoids Feel Like: How to Avoid Hemorrhoids for Pregnant Women

It is the same case what do hemorrhoids feel like during pregnancy and what do hemorrhoids feel like after pregnancy. New mothers also know what do hemorrhoids feel like after giving birth. The cause is the same as the cause during the pregnancy case.

Avoid Hemorrhoids for Pregnant Women

To avoid this disease, there are some treatments they can do. During the pregnancy, the women have to avoid constipation by consuming a high-fiber foods, drinking water properly, and getting a regular exercise; do not be to strain when moving the bowels and do not be to long on toilet; get daily kegel exercises because it increases rectal area circulation and makes the muscles around the anus stronger; the last way is do not sit or stand too long, try to move a bit for minutes.

After having birth, women can try HAL/RAR hemorrhoid treatment. Usually, consuming fiber supplements, cold packs, and applying ointments are enough for this case. However, if what do hemorrhoids feel like is getting worse, the HAL/RAR is the best solution. It is launched in United States in 2006. Without stapling or cutting, this treatment has less pain than other surgical treatments and the recovery only needs one or two days.

Some of tips above can be applied to other people who are not pregnant. The simplest tip is by consuming high-fiber foods, drinking water properly, and getting a regular exercise. What do hemorrhoids feel like is not a big problem anymore.