Kegel exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises and they work to strengthen the muscles below the bladder.

By strengthening these muscles you can help control urination; you can do this by repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the floor. These muscles also support bowl functions so it’s very beneficial to do regular Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s and the main aim of these exercises was to help women control incontinence following childbirth.

These exercises target the muscles of the pelvic floor, and they are called pubococcygeus muscles. Men and women both have these muscles, which provide support to organs like the bowel, bladder and urethra using Ophthalmic Instruments.

Why Should You Do Kegel Exercises?

There are many factors that may influence or weaken the pelvic floor muscles. This includes the surgical removal of the prostate, which can lead to urinary incontinence, an overactive bladder, and even diabetes. Kegel exercises can help improve – and in some cases regain – total bladder control.

pelvic floor muscles

When doing Kegel exercises, technique is extremely important read more about volume pills on To identify the pelvic floor muscles, stop urination in midstream or tighten the muscles that keep you from passing gas. These are your pelvic floor muscles.

Once the pelvic floor muscle has been identified, empty your bladder and lie on your back with your knees bent and apart. The muscles must be tightened while holding the contraction for three seconds, then relaxing for three seconds.

Repeat a few times. While doing this exercise try to focus on tightening your pelvic floor muscles. Be careful not to flex the muscles in your abdomen, thighs or buttocks and don not hold your breath.

Breathe easily and freely during the exercises. Repeat three times a day by doing three set of ten repetitions.

Getting Results

make Kegel exercises a permanent

Seeing results with any exercise takes time so be patient but If you do your Kegel exercises regularly, you can expect results such as less frequent urine leakage or bladder control within three to six weeks.

Some men may see results even sooner .For continued benefits, make Kegel exercises a permanent part of your daily routine.

The benefit of Kegel exercises is that you can do them anywhere, anytime, and they are very easy to do.

You can get an improved urinary control, improved erectile dysfunction, and delayed ejaculation, which might just help to boost your sexual performance and confidence.