Unfortunately the elderly seem to receive inadequate care and treatment on a much too frequent basis.

Many are unaware of their treatment or are unable to communicate the low standard of care they are receiving. Nowhere was this made more visible than in the recent Mid Staffordshire Hospital enquiry.

low standard of care

Often it is up to family members or care workers to monitor the care and treatment they are receiving alteril sleeping pills.

to ensure it is of a good standard.

Elderly person negligence can include:

  • Falls, slips and trips-risk assessments should be conducted to prevent these types of accidents
  • Pressure sores and ulcers- these can be prevented by good care and appropriate equipment such as pressure reliving mattresses
  • Malnutrition-malnutrition can occur if the person cannot adequately care for themselves, therefore appropriate care should be implemented correctly to prevent malnutrition
  • Delay in diagnosing illness-if someone is suffering from an illness and the appropriate medical attention is not sought suffering can occur and can also lead to further health complications

There could be a number of people and businesses that may be responsible for the care of the elderly and therefore any of the following could be at fault:

suffering from an illness
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Other healthcare providers
  • Local authorities
  • Social workers

It can be difficult to know who is at fault however your solicitor will help you to gather all of the evidence needed for your case.

The cost of making a claim can put many people off, however you do not have to pay the fees to no win no fee solicitors if you do not win your case.

It is important to discuss your claim with a solicitor who will be able to advise you on whether you have a case and of the costs you will be expected to pay. Some no win no fee solicitors offer free initial advice so you can make decision on whether to make your claim.

Most people claiming on behalf of their family member decide to claim to raise awareness of the poor care and/or treatment their loved one has received and to prevent it from happening to anyone else. However it is often the case that financial loss also occurs due to negligence and a compensation claim can help to win back the money lost.

Disease Prevention

Keep away from disease can be done in several ways. Disease usually can be transmitted through pets or animals, one example is a mice or mouse, in order to exterminate mice in a family-friendly way, use disposable mouse traps.

So your family will stay away from disease mice. This is important as these animals can carry different types of bacteria or diseases. Disease in transmitted by bacteria, although trivial, bacteria can be transmitted to humans and cause death. There have been many studies conducted and done a lot of research, and found that the bacteria are the cause of death is very high.


Lung disease is also a disease which is unwittingly led to many deaths. Although trivial in lung disease can cause cancer that makes you miserable. One of the causes of lung disease is fungus.

You can read about fungus in lungs on the internet and health magazines. So many suggestions for people with lung disease are to quit smoking, smoking should be stopped because it did not provide benefits to you. You like to burn money if smoked.

Do low-fat diet and eat lots of fruits, this will help.

bacteria disease

Gas gangrene is also a disease caused by the bacteria disease. The disease is caused by several things, one of them infected by bacteria. Several symptoms of abdominal gas gangrene symptoms are like sweating, paralysis, fever and other. This kind of disease is the make your skin looks bad and not good to show. So I do not display any picture about this disease.

The best way to keep yourself from infection and bacteria is learn more about the condition to maintain personal hygiene, environmental hygiene and strengthen your antibodies. How to strengthen the anti-body is by doing regular exercise at least 3 times a week, eat a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, stay away from unhealthy environments such as cigarette smoke, germs and dirt, if deemed necessary multivitamin, drink water minerals, reduce soft drink, enough sleep at least 8 hours per day and the latter keep the health of your mind and focus on a better life.