Today, modern life brings good and bad effects. Modern life makes human life more complex. These modern lives have an impact on people’s lives. The increasing complexity of diseases in humans need very high-tech treatment too. The more complex diseases in humans require high technology to heal.


Many medical technologies allowed specific parts of the body to be studied, diagnosed or treated. Surgical instrument is one example of a tool that is widely used and sought after for the surgeons. One company that produce and sells surgical instrument manufacturing is Rumex International Co.. or Rumex International Co.

is a global company located in the USA that had 20 years experienced. It’s a manufacturing company that manufactures surgical tools with high-tech and cutting edge, the company has exported up to 50 countries around the world.

For a doctor, health practitioner or surgeons who require surgical tools with the best quality and the latest technology. But face a problem that such tools are not available in their country. Now there is a solution for them. They can order and buy surgical tools in

You can get ophthalmology (including vitreoretinal surgery) and cardiovascular surgery from here. provides products such as ophthalmic iris scissors, Diamond knives, ICSR Instruments, refractive surgery, IOL implantation, Corneal Transplantation, OVDs, IOLs, Lens-injection systems, Blade Holders, calipers & Gauges, Markers, Forceps, Hooks, Phacoemulsification, Needle Holders, Probes, Retractors, Scissors, vitreoretinal Instruments, Spatulas, Speculums, cannulas, Sterilization Trays and many more. gives some very lucrative benefits such as education support, which you will receive instructions on how to care and cleaning tools that you buy, you get a barcode which is useful for the doctor and hospital, and video instruction making it easier to understand visually.

Rumex International

The company also provides repair support service, so if there is damage or other technical stuff, you do not find it difficult to handle. Way too easy to buy, web 2.0 era now, buying products online is not that hard anymore.

In conclusion, internet shop contains a lot of ophthalmic instruments that can be ordered anywhere in the world with high quality product, a brand new technology adoption and customer satisfaction. To buying direct from Rumex International Co. Authorize distributors, you can contact distributors near your area.

Rumex had 20 distributors in Asia, 18 distributors in Europe, 2 distributors in Australia, 5 distributors in Africa, 3 distributors in Middle East, 5 distributors in North and Central America, and 8 distributors in South America.