Nowadays, much people looking for Provillus hair growth treatment for men to solve their hair loss problem. People fell not confident when their hair loss. Usually men and women losing their hair, start in the age of 40s or 50s, even many women start losing their hair in the 20s.

It experienced by some women because the genetics and hormonal shift. Unfortunately, this product is few addresses for women. Most of this product are made for men with hair loss problem.

confident when their hair loss

Provillus Is Available for Women

Women really think about their appearance. Including hair problems. They used to take care of their hair on a regular basis. Disarming that they also often damage their own hair such as too much blow drying , too many harsh dyes, and chemicals, or too much time in the sun. In fact, when they experience hair loss, they are not confident with her looks and they do not know what have to d.

Hormonal and genetic problems actually more influential on female hair loss compared with those habits that destroy their own hair. Although Provillus cannot change the hormonal and genetically factor, it can change how the hair follicles react to these challenges.

Provillus is the product that contains female pattern baldness (FPB). FPB is product that have been clinically proven to help women.

How Provillus Treat The Hair Loss

Provillus Treat The Hair Loss

The use of Provillus is to spray the product into the head where the hair fall out in clumps. Provillus ingredients containing minoxidil which has been approved by the FDA, believed to be very effective to regrowth hair loss.

There are differences in the composition of the content of Provillus. According to the Provillus website they manufacture a 5% minoxidil liquid for men and 2% concentration for women. More monoxidil content in provillum, hair will grow faster. The percentage of minoxidil is recommended by FDA and users should not exceed or add it.

Disadvantages of Provillus

Users of this product are advised not to use these products exceed the dosage that has been recommended. The use of higher doses will not speed up hair growth but rather cause side effects such as itching, redness, headache, or scalp flaking.

Recommended that users first consult with your doctor to avoid serious side effects such as allergic reaction like difficulty breathing or swelling of the lips, tongue or face, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, dizziness, fainting, warm or red skin. Provillus side effect can be suppressed to minimal if the users follow the instruction and recommendation from the doctor.

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