Being a nurse is a great thing. You get to be with plenty of other people who are like minded and care for those that might not necessarily be able to care for themselves. You are able to do a lot of things as a nurse and see a lot of different things.

There will be good times and there will be bad times, but overall you can go wherever you want with a nursing degree. Nursing degrees are recognized all over the world, especially since there is a shortage of nurses in many places around the world.

Nursing is an incredibly rewarding degree, but it is also very trying, both mentally and physically, but if you are up for it, here is how you go about it.

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Get your High School Diploma

This is imperative in your journey to becoming a nurse. While you can do a lot of things without you high school diploma or the equivalent, becoming a nurse is not one of them. If you already have one, then you can look past this step, but if you don’t, then your local community college should offer a way for you to get your diploma.

From here, you have plenty of options and that is not just nursing. This is probably the most important thing when it comes to getting into nursing. Make sure you also pay attention to your science subjects, as this may be the difference in getting the course and not getting into the course that you want to do and will give you a solid foundation.

Online or Offline

Interestingly enough, there are offline courses offered for nursing. By becoming a registered nurse online, you can avoid the travel and the accommodation fees while still learning a lot of the theory. However, offline you get to learn on site, have better access to you teachers or professors and be able to learn from on hands task.

Offline degrees also work better when it comes to networking; however this isn’t as important in nursing as it is in other areas.

Bachelors or Associates Degree


The next decision that you have to make is whether or not you want to get a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree. Often times, they teach and offer the same things, except with a different name. An associate’s degree will run for a shorter time, so you do miss out on some information you might get with a bachelor of nursing.

You can also get a diploma

You also have the offer of getting a diploma of nursing. While not as high up as a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, they do offer a way to get into nursing, with often a shorter course and they don’t offer anything less than what you might expect.

Being a Certified Nursing Assistant (or CNA)

There is also a different path that some nurses choose to take. Registered nurses may have been through a process called being a certified nursing assistant, before they continued with their education to become a nurse. CAN’s are those people that specialize in the care in old age homes and plenty of the places like that. There are plenty of CNA online programs that are available. These programs allow you to get into the nitty-gritty of nursing while also allowing you to get your education to become a registered nurse on the side.

There aren’t many paths to becoming a nurse and they all require further education at some point. Some choose to do their degree straight after school while others do it at some other point in their life. At any rate, make sure you are doing what suits you best and that you don’t miss out on your dream.