Saw Palmetto Acne – does it really work?

Do you know about saw palmetto acne treatment? Actually, I don’t know much about it, all I know saw palmetto is herbal plant that commonly uses in many things.

The extract of saw palmetto is commonly using for supplement for increasing sexual stamina and the seed. Cherokee tribes as the American native has been use the seed of these berries of a dwarf palm tree since 1980.

I know that this plant is very useful and can be sue for many things, but I recently know that this plant can be used for acne treatment.


Saw Palmetto Acne – the Product

Saw palmetto acne and Manuka Honey Acne treatment is a new one, but this kind of stuff has been use by any people for many other purposes.

Saw palmetto is created in many types of product and has been use for the ingredients for many products like drugs, tea and liquid extract. Although there are not yet clinical evidence of what saw palmetto side effect in long term consumption, many people believe that this herbal plant extract is great for their health like clearpores acne treatment cream.

As far as I know, there are no cases yet that connect saw palmetto with any types of poisoning and long term using effect that has been reported until now.

acne treatment

Although the FDA is not approved saw palmetto acne treatment yet, they don’t forbid it either. Some experts said that saw palmetto is consisting of tonic and anti-bacterial properties, which are good for treat acne safely.

It also contains high level of polysaccharides, which are natural anti-inflammatory for acne treatment.

Although it is not fully understood yet how saw palmetto works to treat acne, from the list of natural substance that contain by saw palmetto, may people believe that saw palmetto is one of the best natural treatment for acne.

Saw Palmetto Acne – the Consumer

Some researchers stated that saw palmetto acne works to modify the imbalance hormone, which often become the main cause of acne.

balance your hormone

Saw palmetto for hormonal acne is one of the tag line of many saw palmetto acne products because it believes that this product can balance your hormone. This kind of theory is only been proven by some expert with several trial, it has been proven in the market that it is really great for hormonal acne.

Though, there are many people that trust this herbal plant in treating their hormonal acne.

Beside of get rid of our acne, saw palmetto acne can also prevents pimples and clear marks. Although there is no clear study yet about the use of saw palmetto in treating acne, there are many people that use this herbal plant and successfully solving their acne problem.

Saw palmetto for acne treatment is not FDA-approved. That is why when you want to use it. I strongly suggested you to fully understand the risk of having wrong acne treatment and understand about what type of your acne and how you should rightly treat it.

There are many cases where people wrongly treat their acne and end up really bad. It is believed that this herbal plant is can perfectly use to treat acne.