Your mind alerts your endocrine and nervous system after recognising a stressful situation. This makes every cell in your body get a stress express shutting down every non-essential bodily process. Your body may lack a chance to recover fully from stress if it continues for some days.

This may pose a serious health problem. Stress should be followed by rest allowing you to recover. Below are some techniques which will help you to overcome stress even if it has reached the chronic level.

techniques which will help you

Change your lifestyle

Increase your chances of laughing. On laughing, a pleasurable change occurs in your body’s reactions which last for about 45 minutes. You can do this by watching funny television shows, inviting your friends to a game of charades or attending comedy shows.

Look for pets if you don’t have. Physical contact with them or just their presence can bring a calm feeling and even reduce blood pressure. Have regular walks outside. Stress relieving and soothing-power of nature has been used for centuries. Play your favourite music regularly. Music has a calming effect which can soothe and distract thus relieving stress using cognitive enhancement supplements.

Have sauna bathing

Many sauna bathers cite stress reduction as a benefit of sauna use. The bathing is warm in a quiet space without distractions from the outside. Once you step into a Finnell-sauna, close the door on the rest of the world. Your body muscles will then be relaxed by heat from the sauna improving blood circulation and stimulating endorphins release.

This increased blood flow to the skin speeds up the natural healing of the body via soothing pains and aches. This leads to relaxation which reduces stress. At times it results in a more relaxed deep sleep which is a way of relieving stress.

Have a stress reducing imagination

Relax your abdomen slowly

This involves imagination giving out a picture of a peaceful serenity garden. You simply take a deep-breath after closing your eyes. Breathe in calmness with your belly by visualising that your lungs are just behind your belly-button. Relax your abdomen slowly and let it expand to fill it with air by inhaling slowly. Repeat these several times releasing tension from your muscles one after the other and continue breathing in relaxation and exhaling tension.

When you feel relaxed and soft, visualise walking on a straight path among trees and a gate in front, open the gate slowly and step into a beautiful garden. Smell and see beautiful flowers, touch them and inhale the aromas, you feel more relaxed and calm after inhaling. Feel the calm and gentle breeze as you listen to the sweet singing birds. This drifts a feeling of joy and peace throughout your body.

Visualise a magnificent-cool waterfall, step into it to feel the refreshing, clean water cleansing you and washing every bit of anxiety and stress. Allow this to soothe your stressful thoughts completely to come out stress-free. Open your eyes remembering that you can return to this garden anytime to relieve and reduce stress any time.

Take a little time today or after any stressful situation, practice these skills and techniques either individually or at once. You will relax relieving stress giving you hope to live again.