Getting tanned instantly with tan in a can becomes very popular now. They who want to have a tanned skin can buy this product in supermarkets or beauty salon. It is packed in a spray can like a hairspray.

The consumers are dominated of women. They consider that tanned skin is more beautiful and attractive than white skin.

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To save time, the prefer getting tan can than having sunbathing or tanning bed.

Certainly, it is very simple to get a beautiful tanned skin, but you have to notice the advantages and disadvantages of tanned spray. The information below will explain more about the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

The Advantages of Tan in A Can

Before buying tan in a can spray bottle, it will be better to browse some information first. One of the important information is the tan in a can advantages. The tanned spray can makes your skin smooth easier without any streak.

You also will get tanned in all over your body, except face, hands, private areas, and hands.

Advantages of Tan in A Can

It is impossible to get this type tan by having sunbathing – unless having nude sunbathing. By having spray tan can, you can use it everywhere and every time.

It is for you who live in a place with less sunlight or when winter comes. The other advantage is they have some brown shade sprays so you can choose the brown shade for your skin and cold pressed cosmetic argan oil. The last advantage is the result of this product are better than lotions and creams applied by hand.

After spraying it to your skin, you have to dry completely before wearing clothes. This finishing avoids spots on your clothes.

Shortly, tan in a can is much cheaper than having tanning bed that you need some sessions to reach your perfect tanned skin.

The Bad Effects of Tan in A Can

Bad Effects of Tan

It is better for you too to know the tan in a can disadvantages before buying it. This tanning spray contains many harm chemicals which brings bad effects for your skin. The DHA or dehydroxytone is very harmful if it is inhaled, because when you spray this product, some of the particles must be inhaled unconsciously.

However, it does not affect your skin badly because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved it safe to use. The dangerous thing of tan in a can will be happened is deadly diseases and skin cancer for long-term using.

Not only using tan in a can, having tanning bed or sunbathing are also not good for your skin. Browse some information and think wisely before doing something because we do not want to risk ourselves.

In conclusion, we are responsible to take care of our skin. White skin and tanned skin both of them are created by God to us based on our place of living.

We can have a healthy skin by consuming healthy food and drink mineral water regularly. We are as beauty as what we have and tan in a can is not a solution to change what we first have.